SmartMaster I

The certified SmartMaster I rear portal door is produced to the height and width specified by the customer and is supplied fully assembled.

SmartMaster II

The certified SmartMaster II rear portal door consists of anodised and snaped aluminium profiles. This not only results a very appealing design, but also the low weight of this door.

Rear portal doors


The HESTAL SmartMaster products are rear portal doors which are mounted to the vehicle outer frame and are typically used for curtainsider and dry freight vehicles.

The high-quality and certified HESTAL SmartMaster doors are available in two different versions, as SmartMaster I and SmartMaster II. SmartMaster I includes all customised and assembled doors with the inlay variants aluminium, glassfibre reinforced plastic sandwich material and steel-sandwich material. The SmartMaster II door consists of anodised HESTAL Snap aluminium profiles and can be supplied fully assembled or as a kit in three different variants in height.

Rear portal doors

Advantages / Benefits

  • Appealing design with no visible rivets on the outside
  • Coating with advertising foils on request
  • Easy handling due to low-wear plastic bearings
  • Suitable for all common corner pillars
  • Long service life due to silicone seals
  • Customised door designs available on request

Rear portal doors

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