HESTAL VarioMaster curtainsider pillars are primarily distinguished by the modular principle, enabling the pillar to be used in a wide variety of applications.


CS951 constitutes our solid and reliable curtainsider pillar with an integrated dropside stop.

Curtainsider pillars

VarioMaster / CS951

Our tested and certified curtainsider pillars are split into the HESTAL VarioMaster and the CS951 pillar system. In addition to the possible use of slat stowages, pockets can be arranged to the side of the pillar in a 5-mm grid for both curtainsider pillars. Both types of curtainsider pillars are available with a top trolley or telescope. In principle, all HESTAL curtainsider pillars are characterised by a high-quality and durable design, especially since all individual components are separately KTL-coated before the final assembly.

The modular principle of our well-known VarioMaster curtainsider pillars enables a multitude of combinations which covers numerous possible applications. Besides the standard version with a 3mm profile there is also a weight-optimised version made of 2mm high-strength steel (HESTAL SlimMaster) and a double-decker version.

The CS951 pillar is beneficial for curtainsider vehicles with dropsides, since it has an integrated and continuous dropside stop.

Curtainsider pillars

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Curtainsider pillars

Advantages / Benefits

  • Tested and certified (Code L or XL according to DIN EN 12642)
  • Pockets at the side freely positionable
    (in a 5-mm grid)
  • Secure and robust locking mechanism
  • Seperate KTL coating of the single components
  • Multitude of variants for a numerous of applications
  • Version with top trolley or telescope
  • High-quality and durable design
  • Numerous of pillar bearing versions available

Curtainsider pillars

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